A few stories from the trenches

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The Beginning

This is the beginning of Within the Trenches. These blogs will contain stories that I have lived through during my years of dispatching for a 911 center. Some will be old and some will be new. The stories will not contain real names and not all details will be given but you will understand what is going on and the gist of the situation. As a 911 operator I have taken the most stressful calls, as well as the funniest non-911 calls. I have felt the same pain as those who call for help and have felt helpless when someone has passed and there is nothing more that can be done but be a comforting voice on the other end.

I work with an excellent group of people and we have all taken our share of bad calls. It comes with the territory and we are here when help is needed. We watch over you while you sleep and in the moment of crisis we are the voice of authority. These blogs are intended to show what 911 operators go through.

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